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Dedicated and highly skilled, these professionals work hard to keep power grip energized. Our commitment is to help keep electrical workers safe. SKY SAFETY is specialized in gloves that meet and exceed tough ANSI and NFPA standards.

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P**l ★★★★☆ Pretty good

Reviewed in the United kingdom on Mar.6,2020

Verified Purchase

I bought these gloves just as an extra safety measure when working with a generator cut-over panel for my well.They are thick and fit my hands.

Ch***s★★☆☆☆ Rubber smell

Reviewed in the United kingdom on Sep.29,2020

Verified Purchase

Bought these for a fairly high voltage hobby project I am working on.But the smell is not good.It will disappear with time.

J**es ★★★☆☆ As effective as other comments are saying

Reviewed in the United kingdom on Aug.4,2021

Verified Purchase

Good quality in appearance. It will have to protect my hands from electric and help me to complete the work safely.