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Antistatic gloves:Protect workers from static electricity

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How Do ESD Gloves Work?


There are a kind of glove referred to as electro-static dissipative (ESD) gloves and are ideal for use 

in cleanrooms (microelectronics) and electronics manufacturing industries.They feature a blend of 

soft conductive and synthetic fibers.Anti-static gloves are widely used in low humidity and particle 

sensitive environments. You need ESD-safe gloves while handling and assembling electronic 

devices since static charges can destroy sensitive electronics parts. 

Types of ESD Gloves:

There are various blends that are offered in ESD protective gloves – below are some examples of what we offer.

Anti-Static Nylon Gloves:

These gloves(sometimes also called Conductive Gloves) are made of with nylon and carbon fiber coated with polyurethane on the palm and fingers.                                                                                   

5     ● Automotive

     ●    Paint line

     ●    Electronic

     ●    Clean room

     ●    Parts assembly


They are seamless, elastic and provide a non-slip surface.

While not the most durable coating, polyurethane will provide a phenomenal grip without ever feeling sticky.

Using special conductive micro-fibers woven into the liner, we are able to bridge the conductive gap your gloves create between you and your device.

If you’re looking for a glove coating that’s extremely flexible, relatively inexpensive, polyurethane Palm-coated work gloves (PU) gloves are a good choice.       

Anti-Static Polyester Gloves

We design gloves that enhance your skills and safety while preventing damaging static discharge.

ESD-safe gloves help to protect the electronic product and employees from the potential dangers of static damage.



This lightweight Glove with PU coated Palm is an ideal anti-static glove for electronics and component handling. The polyurethane coating on palm and fingers help to prevent product contamination as well as offering excellent grip and ESD protection. Meanwhile, the uncoated back of the glove provides ventilation, helping to perspiration and clamminess.

·     Build and assemble of a high-end PC

·      When you are working with electronic products

·      Working in a PCB Factory

·      Mechanical and electrical workshop

·      Smartphone and gadgets repair or upgrades

·      Working with static-sensitive devices


When handling static sensitive devices or components such as PC components or performing smartphone repairs.ESD-safe gloves play an important role.We have adapted our glove to give you the freedom to use your device how you choose.

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