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Cut Resistant Gloves

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Cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect your hands from cuts while working with sharp tools like knives or sharp materials like metal. Not all cut-resistant gloves are created equal and that's a good thing, depending on the severity of the hazards that you're facing.When you choose the right cut resistant gloves for your staff ,we should know some basic knowledge about cut level.

In the US, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides cut resistance ratings for gloves. In Europe, the European Commission regulates cut resistance ratings. Their standard is called EN 388.

A glove is assigned a cut level of 0 to 5 (with 5 being the most cut resistant)ANSI categorized gloves into five different levels of cut resistance. This scale was refined in 2016 to allow further distinctions.

If you dont know which cut level of gloves you should choose, the below information will be helpful to you:

· Cut level 1: Very low cut hazards. These gloves will protect your hands from things like paper cuts and light scratches, but aren’t guaranteed against actual blades. They are suitable for jobs that generally don’t involve sharp objects, such as car maintenance or landscaping work.

· Cut level 2: Low cut hazards. This is a good level of protection for most construction work, automotive assembly, or packaging jobs.

· Cut level 3: Moderate cut hazards. Cut level 3 gloves provide protection for light glass handling and metal stamping jobs.

· Cut level 4: High cut hazards. These include most glass handling and metal stamping jobs, as well as food service.

· Cut level 5: Extreme cut hazards. These gloves are used for jobs that involve very sharp blades, such as a meat butcher, and for heavy metal stamping and plate glass work.

Most of the time it is best for workers, and for hand safety programs, to use a glove that offers the right level of protection for the work performed most often.Are you looking for the perfect pair of cut resistant gloves?


HPPE liner nylon and single glass knitted cut resistant level 4 sleeves


lMetal fabrication & stamping




lPlastic molding

lGlass handling



HPPE liner PU coated cut resistant cut level 5 gloves


lGlass cutting

lSheet metal handling

lGeneral duty

lParts assembly

lSharp small

lparts handling



food grade cut resistance level 5 kitchen glove made of HPPE and stainless,it can use the glove liner.

lFood processing


lGlass handling 


As a leader in personal protective equipment,we have a whole range of high-quality, cut resistant gloves with varying levels of protection. You can filter our product list based on the level of protection you’re looking for in both the ANSI and EN 388 classification systems.

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