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Great Dexterity

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When workers choose a kind of gloves for working,glove dexterity on the job must be also considered, especially if workers are removing their gloves to complete high-dexterity tasks.

It demonstrates that gloves that are lighter, more comfortable and provide more dexterity will be more acceptable to workers.

But high tactile feel can be difficult to define because it's very subjective.The longer you wear your glove, the more it will conform to your hand, which will improve dexterity.

Ask yourself:

Do your workers require a high level of tactile sensitivity in order to do their jobs? Will they be picking up small parts or handling sheets of plywood or steel beams?

The best selection of high dexterity gloves.           

Polyurethane Gloves


                 ●This kind of cut-resistant 

                    gloves with lightweight HPPE 

                    blended shell take comfort to 

                    new highs while providing 

                    more  dexterity.


                   Polyethylene provides

                   resistance to punctures and



Ultra-Thin Gloves


· This is a pair of ultra-thin work gloves combined with polyester fibers.

· Ultra-thin gloves have a softer feel providing high level of tactile dexterity.

· This about as dexterous as you can get without bare fingers.

· It can protect the hand from oils and abrasion while remaining elastic and breathable.Some jobs require a high level of precision,whist still leaving you at risk of cuts and abrasions.




· Logistics

· Automotive

· Electronics

· Printing

Nitrile gloves              


· 13-gauge knit nitrile coated glove that is highly dexterous and provides cut protection

· Seamless knit construction provides comfort without sacrificing dexterity.

·They are also protective and robust enough for mechanics,technicians and industrial works.


They are based on demand & popularity from customers, top ratings and high recommendations due to their outstanding performance in protecting hands in various work settings and conditions while offering excellent flexibility and grip.

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