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Grip Importance

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When encountering rough working conditions,workers require and demand the highest quality protection available.

One of the most important features to look for in a pair of high-quality work gloves is grip. Regardless of the task at hand, proper grip control is essential to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively and to help protect against hand-related injuries.

     A glove’s palm material must be designed to offer appropriate grip characteristics per application, as poor grip can lead to increased hazards from dropped tools and knives, in addition to increased fatigue and strain. Depending on the required level of control, comfort, dexterity, and durability, a variety of materials and coatings can be used to add grip to gloves. You’ll also want to consider the environment you’ll be working in and what type of equipment you’ll be using when selecting the right type of gloves for the job, such as applications involving mud, oils, cleaning fluids, and other workplace substances.

Latex Coated

 A latex coating on the palms and fingers of a glove means you get a high level of grip on both wet and dry surfaces.They are ideal to offer strong grip when you need a sure grip.


    This type of glove does not have the same level of protection as some of the more substantial gloves on the market. But for many jobs, nimbleness and grip far outweigh the need for seriously armored gloves.This makes them excellent for jobs such as auto maintenance.

    The level of agility these gloves offer is fantastic. Since only the palm and fingers need to provide grip, the back can be left uncoated, meaning that the glove is still breathable.

    PVC dots can be added to cotton work gloves for providing more grip and durability for your hand protection. 


PVC dots on both sides provide a firm grip and double the life of the glove. Machine knit offers breathability. Comfortable string knit wrist.Other features include high visibility.

Nitrile is a chemical- and puncture-resistant compound that offers superior grip when used to make gloves. It’s also resistant to grease, oil, and water. 

    Different material has different level of grip.A great alternative to latex,those made with nitrile have a huge advantage for abrasion resistance and comfortability.Nitrile coating resists water,oils and other chemicals,making it great for gripping in a multitude of environments.