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Latex gloves

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Our hands are fragile and can quickly become injured, which means gloves are a significant necessity for many workers. 

What is latex?

Latex,as a rubbery material ,is a mix of proteins and compounds that is found naturally in some plants and trees.That has many different uses in a variety of industries.

What is latex often used for?

Natural rubber latex is different from synthetic latex, is most commonly used to make items like gloves, swim caps, chewing gum, mattresses, catheters, rubber bands, balloons, tennis shoes, and many other goods.

When you choose the gloves for your staff,you should ensure that your gloves are providing the optimum protection for you and your employees.

The latex has advantages as below:

One main characteristic of latex is that it closely conforms to the hand to offer the best feel. They have high sensitivity.This makes it easier to hold objects and manipulate them. In the electronics assembly industry, for instance, operators handle small objects. If they are wearing gloves that loosely conform to their hands, they may have some difficulty trying to grab and assemble small pieces.

They are durable: Skyee Latex gloves are incredibly durable; they are the ideal choice to wear for longer periods of time.

v They offer protection against contamination and some chemicals, such as alkali, acids, alcohols, and ketones.

They are eco-friendly: Latex is made from rubber, a natural material that is bio-degradable.

Latex gloves are most popular in the medical industry (as long as they're labeled medical grade), and act as a perfect barrier from blood borne pathogens as well as other contaminants. They are also food safe, so work well for that industry, and for manufacturing. 


Agriculture gloves


This is our popular model.

·A superior grip.These coated rubber grip gloves are crafted from textured natural latex rubber for excellent grip.  

·A high degree of cut resistance.That makes them ideal for safe cutting around lumber, concrete, and sharp surfaces.

·Breathability. The rubber coated grip gloves feature an uncoated back for comfort and flexibility.  


gardening gloves


The Robust & Reliable glove for comfort and fit and dexterity.

· Avoid ground-in dirt. Gloves help keep that mess to a minimum. If you go the extra step and get waterproof gloves, your hands will stay dry too. You’ll also break fewer fingernails.

· Help prevent infection. Your garden is filled with bacteria and other microbes. As simple scratch or nick can quickly lead to an infection.

· Protect your hands. Insects and snakes live in your garden. They will not hesitate to bite if you reach into the dirt and touch them by mistake


Acrylic Terry Warm Glove


When the temperature dropped,you will need this kind of gloves.

·Great thermal insulation.This durable glove will keep your hands comfortable and warm for a full work day. They have  and are well fitting and repel moisture away from your skin.

·Etched flat dipped latex finish.They have an latex finish on the palm and fingers that offer an aggressive grip for cold, dry, and wet conditions. These will really serve you well in the most frigid of temperatures.


Latex may cause allergies: In some people, latex proteins may cause an allergic reaction for which nitrile gloves provide an excellent alternative.

v Price fluctuation: The price of latex fluctuates and depends on many natural resources.

Puncture holes are hard to detect: This may lead to a risk of contamination.

Any alternative options

Check out the graphic below to learn which type of glove is suitable for you


If you’re looking for a kind of latex gloves, reach out to SKYSAFETY to set up your hazard assessment and glove trial.