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Simple Step to Decrease PPE Costs

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Cost is always a factor in any purchasing decision.But it can be hard to strike a balance between your safety program and your budget—particularly when it comes to hard costs like PPE. But with a little effort and planning, you can save money on the PPE you need without compromising safety. While it may seem obvious, one of the easiest things you can do to decrease your PPE cost is to take care of it.Clean and properly maintained PPE is important to ensure the effectiveness and proper functioning of PPE.

1.Provide each worker two pairs of gloves, which they alternate daily. This gives the gloves an opportunity to dry out, which extends the life

   2.Make sure gloves fit correctly, as wearing the wrong size can reduce glove life    

Glove Size Chart


3. Always store your gloves or other PPE in a dry, ventilated area away from the sun. Moisture, heat and UV light can over time break down components of almost all PPE

 4.Purchase the Gloves you Actually Need: In order to save on costs, we’d encourage you to honestly assess the risks associated with the tasks you’re buying gloves for .It is essential to engage your employees in a trial period of different gloves. Take time to do some research, run trial periods with a selection of gloves and then determine which glove is the best suited for the particular task. 


But you should pay attention to there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to purchasing PPE to meet every hazard. For instance, the polyurethane-coated gloves you bought work great for assembly line work, while the fully coated nitrile gloves you have are better suited to working with chemicals. 

5.Re-evaluate your Glove Material: Leather is a common material for work gloves. However, with new technology on the rise, work gloves can be manufactured using synthetic knit yarn material. Kevlar, Aramid, and Dyneema are all incredibly durable fabrics and can be made into textiles that offer superior protection are much cheaper than leather than leather. In many cases, these materials are more affordable as well.

6.Wash Regularly: Most work gloves are fabricated so that they can be laundered regularly. Wash your gloves with your hands in them . use an old toothbrush to remove sand and debris from the seams. Let dry overnight·When using laundry detergent, powdered works better than gels.


          By washing gloves regularly, you’ll be able 

          to remove as many oils as possible and

          prolong their life But you should check the 

          care label of all gloves, or check the website 

          for launder-ability. Some materials and 

          gloves are not launderable or lose their 

          performance when washed.

If you try to cut costs by buying lower quality gloves, you won't save money in the end and, more importantly, you'll endanger your workers' health. Sometimes,expensive gloves with high quality can protect your hands well


Our team of SKY SAFETY solutions specialists are here to help you with this process, and they are more than happy to provide you with all the information you need.

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