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Although it is tempting to look for a one-glove solution, the reality is that a single glove can almost never meet all needs. If you outfit your entire workforce with a glove that is suited only to the easiest job, the most hazardous task, or the application that only occurs once a week or once a month, it may provide too little protection – or too much – for the work they’re doing every day.So choosing the correct glove is very important.

Every kind of gloves has its specific application.Nitrile protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons and grease penetration While providing flexibility and tactility high abrasion resistance.Automotive mechanics have been discovering the advantages of wearing nitrile gloves.Nitrile gloves is a best choice for Automotive.In addition,it is waterproof and abrasion resistanceand it can be used for Garden work& Construction.



When selecting impact-resistant gloves, the glove made of TPR matters a lot.The elasticity of rubber makes it the ideal choice for providing back- of- hand protection.It has a unique design.Velcro closure for easy on/off and a secure fit.Some applications require heat resistance, anti-vibration padding,while offering full dexterity and comfortable. 


Leather gloves resist wear and provide a balance of abrasion resistance and dexterity and are used in forestry, landscaping, and general construction.They are sturdy, puncture-resistant, and ideal for landscapers, metal workers, and carpenters. Cowhide is the most popular leather because it is easy to maintain. It has a great value for texture, appearance, durability and comfort. Mechanics-style gloves have good dexterity and are often worn when performing basic tasks in general maintenance and repair operations.


Select a glove that offers the necessary levels of comfort, protection, and dexterity for the most common, day-to-day tasks,or chemical-exposure protection as well.This will have an impact on glove compliance, safety outcomes, and the overall effectiveness of your hand safety program.

We are committed to offer the suitable protective gloves for the workers.If you need,welcome to contact us.We will try our best!