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What’s the best way to evaluate the performance of your hand personal protective equipment? There’s no doubt – a glove trial. It’s the process of field-testing different models of safety gloves, either from a single source or from several manufacturers, in order to identify the best glove for a particular job.When you begin a glove trial, it is important to consider as many application-specific issues as possible.The first step is to assess hazards and evaluate working environment.  

The most important factor you should consider is the temperature in the workplace when you access working environment.Worker pick up hot metal grates, pots and pans with gloves expecting the gloves to protect us from the heat.

What is the temperature of the materials being handled?

The location where your employees are doing the majority of their work will have an impact on glove selection. Is it an excessively hot or cold environment?Do workers regularly handle tools or parts that are extremely hot or cold? This can affect glove properties such as grip, protection, and durability. 

Heat resistant safety gloves are required for numerous applications including food manufacturing, pressings, moldings, kiln work, foundry work, glass manufacture and engineering.They are durable and constructed from a fire-resistant material. Some are also coated with a fire retardant for added protection. The gloves made of different materials withstand different degrees.Welding and metalworking require extreme heat at least 500 degrees and your hand can be protected.

 Cold-condition gloves and mitts are insulated to keep hands warm when handling cold items or when working in cold environments. They can help retain the heat throughout the rest of your body, which will make you much more comfortable in the cold.They are worn when working outdoors, restocking frozen food, and when working on fishing boats or in cold storage rooms. Cold-resistant rubber gloves are the most thermal gloves in cold weather.They are insulated to keep hands warm and are resistant to water and nonhazardous liquids.

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