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Your Arm Protection Options:Cut Resistant Sleeves

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   Hands are critically important to maintaining employee productivity. Depending on the workplace, employees’ hands are endangered from chemicals, abrasive surfaces, splinters, broken glass, and cuts or scrapes, among countless other hazards.

       You should pay more attention that your arms is as equally important. Without arm sleeves, sharp tools can actually poke through the open knit and cut the skin. 





Cut-resistant gloves come in various styles, and they also can be made from different materials. Our sleeves are made of HPPE and nylon then add glass fiber. Cut-resistant sleeves provide extended protection past the hand and up a person's forearm.You will feel exceptional comfort and it will fit over clothing or directly on the arm.Additionally, their safety levels are rated and tested based on standards that are set by the American National Standards Institute’s ASTM F2992 cut test.

Length or fit can also play an important role.

The length is about 35 centimeters.“One size fits all”.It’s important that the sleeve stays up on the arm making it far less prone to sliding down the arm. Some sleeves eliminate the need for elastic or hook & loop top in most applications

We accept customization according to the customers needs and preference.You can choose the length and color.



ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 cut resistance standard uses a nine (9) level scale. It quickly helps users identify and zone in on the cut-resistant glove and sleeves required for the specific hazard faced.The ANSI Cut Level is typically a score out of 4. working with sheet metal or glass can be much sharper than say product assembly.



Cut resistant sleeves are vital to many jobs.

· food processing

· Canning

· Recycling

· Glass handling

· Plastic molding


The main characteristic is its superior wash-ability.It can be washed repeatedly in Chlorine Bleach and caustic detergents to remove dirt, odor, grease, oil, and bacteria.You dont worry it will change its shape after repeated washings.

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