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Neylon və Polyester Əlcək Layneri Arasındakı Fərq

Vaxt: 2022-05-19 Oxunub: 7

Nylon and polyester are synthetic fabrics that see wide use across many industries. They most commonly appear in the garment-manufacturing industry, but they’re versatile enough to be used as specialty fabrics in aerospace, automotive, and medical applications. Comparing nylon with polyester shows that they have many similar properties, but several crucial distinctions still exist between them.


Polyester is a tough synthetic material which can be softer than nylon on the skin. Very durable and easy to wash. 

Polyamide or Nylon is a tough synthetic fibre with good stretch and durability. It offers low lint properties when used alone but is often mixed with other fibres. 

Polyester and nylon look the same, but they have big difference in durability and cost. When we use for dipping gloves, nylon is better than polyester. It is more durable and soft, but the cost is higher. And because of its high cost — generally twice that of polyester, if clients do not emphasized, we assume 13 gauge nylon liner dipping gloves as polyester composition instead.

suya davamlı

Nylon is a durable, abrasion resistant and resilient fiber. Over all it is a well wearing and resistant to insects, fungi and mildew. 

Həm neylon, həm də polyester suya davamlıdır, lakin polyester neylondan daha yaxşı müqavimət göstərir. Bundan əlavə, iplik sayı artdıqca polyesterin suya davamlı xüsusiyyətləri də artır. Bununla belə, heç bir material xüsusi materiallarla örtülməsə, tam suya davamlı deyil.


Nylon and polyester are both flammable, but each reacts differently to fire: nylon melts before burning, whereas polyester melts and burns at the same time. 

Polyester has a higher flammability temperature than type 6 nylon, so it catches fire less easily.although it can distort at higher temperatures. Whilst flammable it tends to shrink away from flames, self extinguish and absorbs very little moisture. 

Polyester also resists UV much more effectively than nylon, which quickly fades when exposed to sunlight. However, both hold up equally well to mildew.

Contrast of nylon & polyester gloves