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Ang Firefighting ug Rescue usa sa labing peligro nga mga trabaho. Kanunay nga giingon, "Sila ang mga maisog nga mosulod, samtang ang tanan nahurot." Ang SKY SAFETY nagtanyag sa labing maayo nga mga gwantis nga magamit sa mga bombero ug rescue personnel.



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S****h ★★★★☆ amazing

Reviewed in the United kingdom on Aug.23,2019

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Buy these gloves now!!! If your looking for an awesome pair of work gloves these are amazing.Fast shipping and the glove is very water 

proof Works and preforms as described.

An***y★★★★★ Helpful for vibrasion

Reviewed in the United kingdom on July.18,2020

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Very patient and carful introduction.I've been using these gloves for various projects.It is helpful for vibrasion.So far they hold up well 

hefting building materials all day.

C***ie ★★★★★ thick,anti impact

Reviewed in the United kingdom on Dec.12,2021

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Was that I required.The padding inside the glove on the palm side is thick. The construction of the glove is quite nice,though I do think 

the material will wear through if they are subject abrasive tasks.

Pa**a ★★★☆☆ los mejores guantes

Reviewed in the Spanish on Feb.3,2022

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Estos son, con mucho, los mejores guantes que he comprado. Hago ejercicio en el campo petrolero y el aceite y la grasa nunca han penetrado 

a través de los guantes y de alguna manera parece que también les quita mucho aceite, son transpirables en comparación con los guantes que 

tengo de la compañía. Recomiendo encarecidamente comprarlos.