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The industrial manufacturing sector remains a pillar of economic strength. With nearly  billion people assembling, crafting and refining all types of goods and raw materials all over the world, it is just not possible to engineer out all the risks. SKY SAFETY is there with personal safety equipment that is designed to be the last line of defense.



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111134.5 gikan sa 5

A**m ★★★★ ☆ Great for work

Girepaso sa United Kingdom niadtong Abr.12,2019

Gipasalig nga Pagpalit

Consistent with the description,PU cut resistant,protect my hands well.I feel these gloves are well made, and for me, worth the money.Will purchase again.

V*****t ★★★ ☆☆ Flexible and fit well

Reviewed in the Korean on May.13,2019

Gipasalig nga Pagpalit

I also like the coating on the fingers to protect small shards from getting through.Very pleased with protection from cuts.I'm work at glass industry.

This pair of glove protects my hands from scraps.

T****y ★★★★ ☆ Works with touchscreens

Reviewed in the United States on Sep.18,2020

Gipasalig nga Pagpalit

Very smooth communication and careful service.I ordered one pair and liked them a lot. I deal with getting in and out of a vehicle and touching metal things in a dusty 

environment all day long. They worked great.

D *** d ★★★★★ Maayo nga kantidad!

Reviewed in the United States on July.24,2021

Gipasalig nga Pagpalit

Does exactly what it said it would for protection on scrapes and burns.they are really effective and comfortable. It took me a 

while to find the most useful gloves.