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Usa ka Giya Sa Labing Maayo nga Guwantis sa Trabaho Para sa Konstruksyon

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The workers in the construction sites face numerous dangers.They should pay attention to that their hands are not damaged by sharp materials.So the gloves designed for construction plays an important role.

When choosing construction gloves, pose the following questions: 

      ● What hazards does the worker face? Employees working with concrete need different gloves than those working with brick, who need different protection again from those working with electricity.

      ● How durable are the gloves? Consider how well the gloves will protect against hazards and for how long. 

      ● How well do the gloves fit? Also, consider glove comfort, touch sensitivity, and whetherthe glovesreduce the worker’s dexterity. 

The diverse nature of construction work means that no one type of gloves protects construction worker hands from all threats. Instead, it's important to choose gloves based on the task the employee will perform.


Type one: LWD001: 

Crinkled Latex Cotton and polyester knitted



The crinkled gloves, palm rubber surface are treated with special texture to achieve anti-slip performance, this process we call “wrinkling”, wrinkled after the rubber surface can provide a excellent grip and anti-slip effect. 

These gloves are specifically designed to resist cuts or punctures to the hand.This is a glove commonly used by construction workers. The woven design helps to deflect sharp objects that could puncture the skin. Industries that perform manual cutting, such as construction, and warehousing.


EN407 is recognized as an international standard for how well gloves protect from heat and/or flame (aka ‘thermal risk’). The standard was developed in Europe, which explains the use of Celsius over Fahrenheit.Heat and flame protection on the job may seem fairly basic, but the dangers are actually multi-faceted

It not only has EN388 certificate but also has EN407 certificate.Because it is polyester knitted and polyester has a higher flammability temperature.

As the most common and widely used latex coating gloves, the performance and application fields of gloves are also different with different production  processes.Durability is as important to your gloves as other performance.The thickness of latex determines its durability.It is not without sacrificing breathablility

Type duha:LWY301

Nylon knitted crinkle latex gloves 

This kind of glove will be thinner than the former one,but it feel very smooth and comfortable because of nylon knit.

 6              larawan

1.Tight feeling 

There’s nothing quite like the snug feel of properly fitting gloves. You want to make sure you find a pair that’s tight enough to not end up with mounds of material that hinders your grip but that’s loose enough to allow your hand a free range of motion.When you find a fit pair of glove,that helps you improve your work efficiency. 

2.Super comfort 

When considering comfort, remember that while outside seams are more comfortable, they wear out faster than inside seams, which are more likely to irritate the skin. Seams across the back of the glove provide a better fit, while seams across the palm provide more comfort. Comfortable may not be the most important factor in choosing your gloves butcomfort makes it easier to keep them on and keep going until the project is done. 

3.Improve grip 

At the same time,it has a strong grip.That makes you handle some heavy duty equipment easily especially in the construction sites. 

Type three:PDC101 

natural polyester / cotton work gloves with blue PVC dotted



Made of cotton, these gloves provide comfort and basic hand protection. Additionally, cotton helps absorb perspiration.the polyester provides a slightly silky feel to keep hands comfortable. A great way to keep employees safe during various tasks, the quality and comfort makes these gloves a versatile, useful addition to your safety equipment. 

A convenient knit wrist styling provides added warmth while preventing particles from entering the glove.

The dotted blue PVC provides added grip to your fingers and palms to grasp the tools easily and move heavy and slippery objects without sacrificing excellent flexibility. 

Perfect for warehouses, construction sites, and handy-man jobs alike, these gloves are sure to boost both safety and productivity.


This glove is 10 gauge knitted.Knitted Gloves are made with yarn that range from 7 gauge to 18 gauge. The lower the gauge of a yarn the thicker the glove will be.The higher the yarn’s gauge the thinner the glove will be,which allows for ultimate dexterity.

Like any type of construction safety equipment, construction gloves must be worn and used correctly. so don’t contact us-Just only click on “inquiry"