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What Are Impact Gloves and the Benefits Of Using Them?

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Since we uselámhain so many tasks,tá siad one of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies.

Accidents due to cuts, lacerations, bumps, and impact cause painful injuries every year in a growing number of industries. 

If your workers regularly use power tools, such as hammer drills and jackhammers, or touch vibrating equipment or machinery, these sensations can lead to long-term nerve, joint, and muscle damage.Given the high cost of accidents, loss of productivity, and the pain and recovery that come from injuries,preparing a pair of anti impact gloves can provide great benefits to you and your employees.

3 main protection for your hand

The best impact resistant work gloves are often much thicker than normal gloves. They use durable fabric and materials, such as tire tread and rubber, to insulate the fingers. The added insulation also cuts through vibrations, reducing the effects when using equipment. This will help them focus and maintain precision in the field.

1.TPRprotection for your back and fingers

This rubber impact material is manufactured with a material called TPR, a thermoplastic rubber, which gives the glove their segmented look.They can protect vulnerable areas of the hand and the full length of the fingers.Using TPR to absorb and disperse impact is especially helpful for preventing pain from blows to this vulnerable area.Along with providing superb high impact protection, TPR improves hand movement since those segments are free to move and bend flexibly.

To further protect the hands of your workers, invest in high visibility work gloves with bold neon colors like orange. This will help your team see their hands when working at night or in the middle of a major storm.


2.Full Thumhal Procadh

Thumb-related injuries are a common occurrence in risky environments. One of the greatest challenges with impact protection has been fully protecting the thumb, while still allowing workers to grasp objects. Reinforced leather between thumb and indexprovide more grip and make the workers manipulate the tools easier.

As hand injuries continue to be a frequent occurrence in the workplace, it is crucial to be aware ofna buntáistíso you can provide workers with the proper protection.

3.Velcro closure protection for your wrist

Your wrist is a complex joint made up of 15 bones and multiple small joints. When damaged by arthritis, pain and stiffness make basic functions of the wrist difficult or even impossible. Writing, typing, and opening lids become painful chores.

After a long period of working time,worker’s wrist will feel more pain stiffness, and inflammation..This will make the efficiency down and torture the workers.So we should pay more attention to the wrist protection.


wps3 We improve the design of gloves.We add the velcro closure on the wrist of gloves.Decrease the possibility of wrist injuries and relieve the strain from your wrist.

Velcro closure can easy on and off to provide maximum protection for your wrist.






New Impact-Resistant Gloves Standard-ANSI/ISEA 138

What is ANSI/ISEA 138? ANSI/ISEA 138 is the new standard for impact-resistant gloves, which was introduced earlier this year, and aims to help workers make a more informed decision on which glove to choose based on the level of impact protection the glove provides. The higher the number, the higher the protection level, which starts at 1 and goes up to 3. With this standard, gloves now undergo stringent testing in a third-party lab that must meet the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. 

When are impact-resistant gloves needed?  

Impact glovesról tábhachtach a imirt when the risks of injury are the highest.The gloves have a hefty sandy nitrile palm coating so that they are oil and gas resistant.This is especially the case for the oil and gas, construction, mining, and manufacturing industries.It has strong grip and you are able to move and grip objects tightly.




High Impact gloves are designed to combat hand and finger injuries specifically in industries with high risks of crushing impact hazards.That’s why it’s so important to use impact resistant work gloves on the job.


By choosing the right glove you will not only be protected from impact but from cut, abrasion and puncture injuries.If you want to get a pair of impact gloves with high quality,please contact us.