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Pov tseg

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Los tiv thaiv cov roj-Cov roj tsis huv Nitrile cov hnab looj tes pov tseg

Model Number : ANTG001

Nitrile rubber glove is better in oil resistance compared with natural rubber and vinyl gloves

Contains no natural rubber latex proteins

Ambidextrous. It is very thin and fits perfectly to the hand so very suitable for detailed work

Easy to wear due to rolled hem and special surface treatment inside

Common design for both right and left hands

Cov ntaub ntawv kev:

KHOOM Nitrile
XIM Blue/Purple/Black/White/Mazarine
pob 100 tej daim / thawv, 10 cov thawv / thawv
Case Dimensions (cm) 37.0 X 25.8 X XUM
Rooj plaub no hnyav S M L XL XXL
4kg 4.5kg 5.0kg 5.5kg 6.0kg
AQL Level 4.0
Daim ntawv thov:

• For handling of food such as meat and sea food

• For detailed work such as assembling of precise parts and quality inspection

• For care taking (but please do not use it where there is a risk of inspection)

• For automobile service related tasks (note that it cannot be used for electrical work)

• Gardening and farming

nyob LOJ Nyhav Ntev (hli)
ANTG001 7 / S 3g (±0.2g) Min 240
ANTG001 8 / M 3.5g (±0.2g) Min 240
ANTG001 9 / L 4g (±0.2g) Min 240
ANTG001 10 / XL 4.5g (±0.2g) Min 240
ANTG001 11 / XXL 5g (±0.2g) Min 240
Cov ntsiab lus ua lag luam:
Qhov chaw ntawm keeb kwm Tuam Tshoj
Hom npe SKYEE
Model Number ANTG001
Certification CE/SGS/FDA/ISO9001
HS Code 4015190000