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Kā nodrošināt savu roku aizsardzību Diy projektam

Laiks: 2022-04-15 Rezultāti: 6

In your spare time,you can make some DIY to enrich your life.A lot of different DIY projects require gloves, but which type of glove you use affects not just the project, but also your safety. So, SKYEE has put together a list of which gloves work best for which projects.


We have plenty of work gloves that are ideal for DIY. DIY is quite wide-ranging, so it's important that you choose the right glove. If you're handling glass for example you may require cut-resistant gloves, however if you're handling wood then a little abrasion resistance won't go amiss.If you are painting walls,you will require a pair of gloves with better impermeability.


Work gloves come in a variety of different materials and styles, each suited to different tasks. If you want to get somevadība,please look through this passage.

Painting:Add pleasure to your life


Painting is a relatively user-friendly home project if you take the proper precautions to ensure safety. Painting is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects.But it is not without its potential hazards. When painting, you’re typically working with toxic chemicals, old paint that may contain lead, power tools, and ladders—all of which increase the possibility of injury.When you painting your house and ceilings,you should choose a pair of glove with great impermeability. 

To ensure that your painting project comes off without mishap, you’ll need this pair of gloves to make sure your hands are well protected.

Touchscreen:Play with your phone during work breaks


If you’re looking for a touchscreen glove that offers excellent grip and flexibility, look no further than these PU gloves.


The seamless knit nylon design offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort.  These polyurethane (PU) coated nylon gloves have conductive threads in the fingertips to make them touch screen compatible so you can keep your gloves on when working with touch screen devices. When you are working with gloves, you can answer a call or message suddenly without taking off your gloves. This kind of gloves are often used in clean rooms and electronics because they can provide great grip and still very flexible for the wearer.


These PU coated nylon gloves have an EN388-4131 rating, a European standard used to evaluate mechanical risks for hand protection. The EN388-4131 is like the United States ANSI/ISEA 105 rating.The numbers 4131 are the ratings for the different glove tests; 4 = abrasion resistance, 1 = cut resistant, 3 = tearing strength, and 1 = puncture resistance.

Fixing:make your house in order


This pair of glove can be used to help you do some assemble works like assembling furniture.You will experience the joy of ding it yourself and the process of assembly.

You also can play LEGO with your children with this pair of glove to prevent LEGO components scratch your fingers.


PU, or polyurethane, coated gloves are a form of PPE glove that is designed for work that requires precision, and therefore dexterity and sensitivity. They’re made with polyurethane foam and a nylon liner, creating a supple and lightweight barrier for your hands that will protect from workplace hazards such as chemicals and abrasion.


When you enjoy the pleasure of DIY,you also need to pay attention to hand protection.If you want to choose a kind of light weight glove is suitable for DIY,welcome to contact us SKYEE.