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How to correctly select gloves for small parts processing

Laiks: 2022-06-02 Rezultāti: 20

The glove wear experience is an important factor affecting the user's work, and this article willtell you how to properly select lightweight gloves for machining small parts.


Industrial accidents can have a devastating impact on workers. In addition to pain and mental anguish, accidents can lead to significant, unforeseen changes in life. From a company's point of view, accidents are expensive. Accidents can disrupt production, hurt worker morale, and even lead to significant legal costs and sanctions from regulators. The economic impact of occupational accidents on all industries is enormous.

The good news is that accidents don't have to happen. Preventing them is the responsibility of the company's leaders to work with employees to protect everyone in the workplace. The job requires ongoing education and persuasion to get workers to adopt safe work habits — such as wearing appropriate safety gear. Effective leaders have a responsibility to prevent bad things from happening to theirgood people .

In some small parts processing operations, workers inevitably need to directly start to control, and direct contact with mechanical parts will not only cause damage to parts, but also reduce work efficiency because of the help of no gloves.

Because the hand is such a complex instrument, it is difficult to repair. After a severe hand injury, the hand may not work as it used to due to the loss of movement, dexterity and grip. In some cases, workers may not even be able to perform simple tasks.

Workers can be lighter, more comfortable, more dexterous gloves more acceptable, and rightly so. Today's glove manufacturers are producing: more dexterous cut-resistant gloves with engineered yarns. These gloves are thinner, even with greater cut resistance. Cut-resistant fibers are combined with


polyester fibers for a softer feel.

The palm cover is covered with a PU coating to provide excellent slip resistance when handling small parts to avoid slippage. Featuring a breathable design on the back of the palm, lightweight, breathable, hollow gauze provides a superior wearing experience when working. The pleated thread design at the wrist area avoids falling into dust and part scrap during work. Such excellent gloves can be used not only for the machining of small parts and components, but also for a variety of scenarios: electronic equipment repair, small furniture assembly, diy and so on,In order to adapt to more application scenarios, skyee  adds conductive fibers to the thumb, which can be used for electronic screen touch


Glove wearing experiences may seem like a small part of a safety plan, but their use is critical because a great experience of use will avoid the vast majority of mistakes, and these gloves can be a powerful tool for ongoing efforts to create and maintain a truly safe workplace.