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Як вибрати маслостійкі робочі рукавички?

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The equipment you use can greatly affect the efficiency of your work. Whether workers use mechanical tools, wear personal protective equipment, or take safety measures, understanding how to work safely and effectively is your top priority. It is equally important to properly select gloves for the working environment.

Oil-resistant gloves provide protection in oily environments, provide a stable grip, and help you get the job done with almost no obstacles.SKYEE uses a variety of advanced industrial technologies in the manufacture of oil-proof gloves and uses a variety of oil-proof materials, which is your best choice when choosing gloves

What Are Oil-Resistant Gloves?

Oil-resistant gloves protect your hands from oil and chemicals while you work. They allow for a sturdy grip, reduce the chances of irritation and allergies, and prevent chemical exposure. Additionally, oil-resistant work gloves provide arc flash protection.

Lastly, oil-resistant work gloves also provide impact protection. There’s always a chance that a heavy object can fall and injure the hand, leading to a substantial injury. Thankfully, the impact protection feature absorbs the shock and minimizes the severity of any accidents.


Common Oil-Resistant Materials

When working with oil and gas, you’ll find that oil-resistant gloves are usually made of nitrile or latex. Nitrile, in particular, has grown in popularity in recent years because it’s an excellent alternative to latex.

While latex does protect against oils and chemicals, there’s a chance the wearer can have an allergic reaction to the material. Nitrile offers resistance against oils in many industries, including healthcare. It can resist olive oil, coconut oil, and petroleum.

Industries Using Oil-Resistant Gloves



Oil-resistant work gloves are in multiple industries. The most common industries include oilfield and oil rigging occupations using oilfield impact gloves, providing a durable grip without fear of sacrificing job quality. Oil-resistant gloves offer dexterity and comfort to get the job done.

Other industries using oil-resistant work gloves include the food and cosmetic industries. Oil-resistant gloves provide a sturdy grip for surgeries, food handling, and mixing cosmetic ingredients.

These gloves offer versatility for many occupations and help workers get the job done. Whether you work on an oil rig or need to perform other types of tasks, you’ll find that oil-resistant gloves can come in handy.