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What type of gloves are abrasion resistant?

Thời gian: 2022-03-08 Lượt truy cập: 213

Abrasion-resistant gloves are gloves to protect workers from hand abrasion due to abrasive workplace materials.In working sites,workers will face numerous dangers from using abrasive Trang thiết bị.Abrasion-resistant gloves must be used as personal protective equipment (PPE) in any environment where workers face a significant exposure to abrasive material.

There are different kinds of abrasion resistant gloves in the market.How do you choose a suitable abrasion resistant gloves?This is a critical question you should consider.More importantly,

Which type of gloves are abrasion resistant?

Nitrile coated gloves are a type of work glove with a synthetic rubber coating for added grip and protection. nitrile coated gloves provide an extra layer of protection against hazardous factors like cold, punctures,especially abrasions.

Nitrile gloves are often used as a Latex glove replacement. Due to allergy issues with Latex, many worksites have switched to Nitrile gloves. Unlike natural latex, nitrile is a 100% synthetic material that wont inflame allergies.Nitrile gloves are three times more puncture resistant than Latex and more cost-effective. Nitrile is often combined with other fabrics to create stronger, more durable and cut resistant gloves.

Nitrile coated gloves is a suitable kind of abrasion resistant gloves.


Find the nitrile gloves with great abrasion resistance from SKYEE



                                     8                                                          9                                                               10


EN388 Abrasion resistance standard:

Số đầu tiên trong mã dưới chữ tượng hình EN388 liên quan đến khả năng chống mài mòn. Vật liệu của găng tay sẽ bị mài mòn bởi giấy nhám dưới một lượng áp lực xác định.


Mức độ bảo vệ được chỉ định theo thang điểm từ 1 đến 4 tùy thuộc vào số lượt cho đến khi xuất hiện lỗ trên vật liệu. Con số này càng cao thì khả năng chống mài mòn càng tốt.




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The abrasion resistance level of three kinds of gloves all up to 4.

wps15CA.tmp Sandy nitrile gloves:Known for its high abrasion resistance. They're also more elastic and form fitting compared to other coatings.They're excellent in oily situations and very good in wet environments.They have a strong grip in wet, dry, and oily conditions. Oil will not penetrate the glove as with micro-foam. However, sandy nitrile gloves are not as breathable due to their manufacturing process.


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We prepare two kinds of sandy nitrile gloves with different colors.One is grey nylon liner with black sandy nitrile coating,the other is pink nylon with black sandy nitrile coating.Of course,you can customize the color.


wps15CF.tmp Smooth nitrile gloves: another great option for abrasion protection. These lightweight gloves offer superb dexterity and a great sense of touch sensibility while providing cut protection as well.Superior wet or dry grip, very durable,and touch-screen compatible!

Nhỏ 4


They are a great option for roofers,landscapers,mechanics,and other workers who need tối đa abrasion protection.This kind of nitrile gloves are made of lightweight, nylon knit material and palm coated in nitrile.Though they are light weight,they are tough and durable.


Protect your palms and fingertips while improving tactile ability and dexterity. These nitrile work gloves are perfect for using hand tools, moving materials and even picking up very small objects.


They are also resistant to oil and protect the hand from grease penetration.You can wear this pair of glove for car repair.



không xác địnhfc81545d4020183acd980f16cbc8089Nitrile Coated Glove with Cotton Liner and Sandy Finish Grip 


图片 13


 Sandy Finish adjusts to different conditions by reacting like tiny suction cups,provides excellent resistance to liquid permeation

图片 15

 Seamless cotton liner for comfort and better fit Tremendous comfort and dexterity

图片 16

 Strong protection to punctures and abrasions,Features a revolutionary surface treatment that provides a superior grip in dry, wet and oily conditions



Types of nitrile gloves are good to use in oily areas, construction, sanitation, glass/sheet metal handling, agriculture, and automotive/aircraft maintenance.

They are also often multi-purpose. They have other features, such as cut resistance, hi-visibility, or puncture resistance, making each glove ideal for many different uses.

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This article will help you determine to choose the right abrasion resistant gloves.If you have specific questions or just want more information about gloves and our company,Liên hệ với chúng tôi hôm nay.